Since marriage equality was approved by Congress in 2010, Argentina – and Buenos Aires in particular – have become a shining beacon of light for members of the LGBT community all over the world.

Buenos Aires is like many cities in one, with its coffee shops inspired by New York, an alternative, artsy vibe inspired by Berlin and a gastronomic scene reminiscent of Madrid. And in the last few years, this city has also emerged as a top destination for LGBT tourists from all over the world looking to chill, make friends and party until sunrise.

It’s no surprise then, that the Buenos Aires City government is trying to capitalize on its fast rise to stardom and is making huge efforts to show what an incredibly progressive town this is. From the world’s first rainbow-themed subway station in Recoleta to the video posted below, it is clear that mayor Rodríguez Larreta is quickly moving away from the PRO party’s previous anti-LGBT stance.

In the seven-minute film titled “Buenos Aires Friendly,” produced by the BA City government, several people from different backgrounds share their stories and explain what they love the most about living here.

It is true that this country still has a long way to go to completely eradicate homophobia and transphobia, but it can certainly teach a lesson to many other countries in the world.

And while Spain officially remains the most LGBT-friendly country in the world, there’s no doubt that Argentina is paving the way in Latin America.

If you haven’t been to this country yet, you should. You may not want to leave.