Photo via Taringa

This month, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) chose Buenos Aires to host the 2023 World Expo (formerly known as the World’s Fair). This is a BFD as it is the first time a South American country has hosted a World Expo. Representatives from around 100 countries are anticipated to attend, and tourism is expected to increase within the three-month timeframe.

The Expo anticipates 9 million people to attend the fair, averaging 100,000 daily. Internationally recognized monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seattle Space Needle were built in preparation for their respective city’s fairs, which could translate to greater tourism down the road for Buenos Aires should the fair developers come up with something else tall and pointy that isn’t a replica of the obelisco.

The Good Air theme was pitched as “Creative Industries in Digital Convergence” and will encompass both Tecnópolis and Parque Sarmiento. Certainly #onbrand, Buenos Aires is continuing its efforts to be seen as an emerging “smart city.”

The focus of this expo will be to highlight creative industries that integrate science, art, and technology which translates to economic results (jobs!) and improvements to quality of life.

BIE Secretary General Dimitri Kerkentzes stated that the Buenos Aires pitch “conquered the hearts and minds of the international community.” Kerkentzes also acknowledged this moment it marks a transformative period for both the city and country.

The Argentine delegation was led by head of the Federal System of Media and Public Content, Hernán Lombardi, who stated that this achievement allows for Argentina to reinsert itself on the world’s stage. Lombardi also said that this is not only a win for Argentina, but a “triumph for Latin America.”