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The Bubble Podcast – Bursting the News : February 13, 2015

By | [email protected] | February 15, 2015 9:08am


On this week’s edition

-The formal accusation against president Cristina Fernández, following Alberto Nisman’s presentation. We explain why this is not indictment, prosecution or impeachment. Judge Daniel Rafecas (photo) cut  his holidays short to start working on this case.

-Anticipation of the 18F rally to pay homage to Nisman. Is it political? Is it possible that it isn’t?

-Intelligence bill passes in the Senate. Opposition promises to repeal it when they are in office.

-Economy: Vulture Funds want some attention after Nisman stole their thunder for practically two months. Bianca Fernet gives us more economic news as well.

-Sports: Sam Kelly (from the Hand of Pod podcast) tells us about the monstruous 30-team tournament that nobody wanted, which has an expiration date even before the first ball started rolling. And Demian Bio tells us about Juan Martín del Potro’s return to the Argentine Davis Cup team.