Rock legend Bruce Springsteen played in Buenos Aires last Saturday and even though he was planning on singing León Gieco‘s classic “Sólo le pido a Dios” (“Only ask of God“), he decided before the show that “he wasn’t quite prepared” to do it.

So yesterday he took to his official website and posted a video of him singing “a song for Argentina” which he sends to “all of our friends and fans” here. This is the result:

“Solo le pido a Dios,” is a classic Argentine song that has been voted the sixth best song in Argentine history by Rolling Stone and MTV. Composer León Gieco wrote it back in 1978, when Argentina was going through the dark times of the dictatorship and a border conflict with Chile made it seem as if a war with the neighboring country was inevitable.

At the beginning of the video, Springsteen offers a brief introduction in Spanish (which he pulls off pretty well) and tells about the time he visited Argentina in 1988 and how the country was going through a “rough time, struggling to have a future.”

Gieco, who has now heard Springsteen’s rendition, said: “What touched me was that he doesn’t mention me, but sings it as a tribute to Argentina.”

Below are the lyrics to the song, as translated on Springsteen’s site.

Only Ask of God (English translation)

Written by León Gieco


I only ask of God

That I am not indifferent to the pain,

That the dry death won’t find me

Empty and alone without having done the sufficient


I only ask of God

That I won’t be indifferent to the injustice

That they will not slap my other cheek

After a claw has scratched this destiny of mine


I only ask of God

That I am not indifferent to the battle,

It is a big monster stomp and walks hardly on

All the poor innocence of people.


I only ask of God

That I not be indifferent to deception

If a traitor can do more than a few,

That those few do not forget easily.


I only ask of God

That I am not indifferent to the future,

Hopeless is he who has to go

To live a different culture.