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Update: We have a culprit. Electricty company Edesur released a statement explaining that a tunneling machine’s operations was responsible for the power cuts that began shortly after noon. It said it apologized and was making haste to fix the problem.

Approximately 160 traffic lights continue to be inoperational on Santa Fe, Córdoba and Figueroa Alcorta so if you’re driving (lucky you), consider taking another route.


If the weather’s failing to announce it, the blackouts, at least, are: here comes summer!

For the second time in two weeks, certain areas in Palermo, Barrio Norte, Recoleta, Villa Pueyrredón and Agronomía were left without power today.

Various traffic lights are not operating and certain ATMs are not dispensing cash.

The Subte D Line was briefly interrupted but is functioning normally again.

At least it was daytime this time around: but we suggest you invest in a flashlight (or candles for you retro souls out there).

Get ready for a whole lot more of this.