Temer yesterday. Photo via Telam

Brazilian President Michel Temer denied allegations that he was planning to resign and assured Brazilians that he did not condone the payment of bribes, as news outlet O Globo revealed yesterday in an explosive report.

“I want to emphatically highlight that the Supreme Court’s investigation will prove that I have nothing to do with those events,” he said. “At no time did I authorize a payment for anyone’s silence, and for an extremely simple reason: I have nothing to hide. My only commitment is with Brazil, and this is the commitment that guides me. I wil not resign, I repeat, I will not resign and I demand everything be fully cleared,” a defiant Temer said in a speech at the Planalto Presidential Palace.

Temer went on to say that he wanted to “make it very clear that my government lived its best and worst moments this week.” In the first point, he was referencing to the “drop in the inflation rate, the figures showing economic growth and the generation of employment, with the hope of better days.”

As for the second, this scandal that could end his presidency. The entire opposition and even some members of Temer’s own party, the PMDB, have called for his resignation since the news broke. The president refused to step down even though the country’s Supreme Court has already authorized an investigation into his alleged attempt to obstruct justice.

Temer assures that the whole thing is a conspiracy against him and requested to listen to the recording where he is is said to condone and acknowledge bribe payments to the disgraced former president of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha (currently serving a 15 year prison sentence on corruption charges), in order to prevent him from revealing his party’s involvement in multiple corruption charges.

O Globo outlet revealed that the audios were provided by the owners of meat processing company JBS, the largest company of its kind in the world, to a Brazilian Court as a part of a plea deal.