Bela, recatada, e ‘do lar’ — “beautiful, maiden-like, and a housewife” — thus reads the headline for a feature piece in Brazilian magazine Veja, a right-leaning publication, about Marcela Temer, the wife of current Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer who would become the next First Lady if current President Dilma Rousseff is impeached. Temer is a few decades younger than her husband, a former beauty queen and could be Grace Kelly according to her hairdresser. I know all of this because Veja told me so. I don’t really know what her law professors said about her, they weren’t asked. Knowledge is power! (But not in Temer’s case, god forbid.)

The article comes in the wake of Rousseff’s impeachment proceedings, which have exposed a nasty underbelly of sexism with some congressmen saying they were casting their votes in favor of impeachment in honor of their wives, among other things.

The people of Brazil apparently feel the same way I do about this particularly charming article and headline, blowing up the Twitterverse with the hashtag “bela, recatada, e do lar” featuring pictures women doing whatever they please, including flipping off the camera, dancing on tables, and generally debunking the antiquated myth that a real woman stays in the home needle-pointing instead of… well whatever she wants.

Here are a few favorites:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.46.55 PM

Well Rihanna, I’ll drink to that. The staff here at the Bubble feels very much the same way about this particular headline, choice comments from Macri and the general oppression of women not just in Latin America but worldwide.