WhatsApp was blocked in all of Brazil last night because the company refused to release information in a criminal case. Photo via huffpost.com

*Update: A court struck down the decision to block WhatsApp in Brazil.

Following WhatsApp’s refusal to hand over information to the Brazilian judiciary in the context of a criminal investigation, a Río de Janeiro judge today ordered all local phone companies block the messaging app throughout the country. Again.

At the moment this article is being written, it is yet unknown when the measure will come into effect or how long it will last, so if you’re in Brazil, make sure to send all the texts and voice messages you can, even if you don’t need to. They may be the last you send in one, two or even three days, which may as well be forever in these times of constant communication. Or, you know, you can use Messenger, Telegram, or any other messaging app, that works too.

The Brazilian judiciary has already blocked WhatsApp twice in the last few months for similar reasons. However, according to Olhar Digital, since its attempts to have WhatsApp release the information have always been unfruitful, this is more a retaliation than an actual measure aimed at getting what it wants.

There are an estimated 100 million WhatsApp users in Brazil, where the messaging app is the most widely used communication platform.