Photo via Minuto Uno

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria – the union grouping bank workers – confirmed another national strike for tomorrow and Wednesday. No, you are not reading an article from two weeks ago, nor one from the month before. Industry workers are going on strike again, as the wage negotiations with the chamber grouping bank authorities continue to prove unfruitful. In the last meeting, workers rejected a proposal of a 15 percent yearly increase, to be paid in three installments – one of which (7 percent), has been implemented anyway, as the year’s inflation rate has already reached 6.7 percent.

“All limits have been crossed a long time ago, we have run out of patience,” warned the union in a statement released to announce the strike. Furthermore, Palazzo informed that the two parties involved in the dispute have been called to a meeting by representatives of the Labor Ministry, where officials will try mediation in the hopes of potentially reaching an agreement. Regardless of the outcome, there won’t be banks tomorrow or Wednesday, so if you have to get anything taken care of, you better do it now.