Pimm’s, perhaps Britain’s best-loved alcoholic spirit, has finally come to Argentina.

It’s so popular in Britain that at the annual Wimbledon, on average spectators consume 235,000 glasses in two weeks.

The gin-based liqueur is at once sweet, bitter, and spicy due to its secret fruit and her-infused recipe, making it perfect for the summer. That means the Brits are currently chugging it during their three warm days a year. Though it’s winter in Argentina now, you can find Pimm’s at most local bars, large supermarkets like Disco, and beverage outlets for about 170 pesos a bottle.

The official name for the drink is “Pimm’s No. 1 Cup,” which you can (and should) mix with lemonade, ice, orange slices, strawberries, and mint leaves. It’s common to toss back several throughout a long, hot social event — the pre-mixed lemonade is 5.4 percent alcohol, making it an optimal drink to consume for a light, summery buzz during the day or night.

Pimm’s was invented by a Londoner named James Pimm in 1840, who marketed the blend of gin and herbal liqueurs as a “health tonic.” Initially, he distributed the house cup out of an oyster bar, but the drink became so popular that he eventually sold it by the pint and opened a successful chain of restaurants where it could be enjoyed by all.

Other versions with vodka, whiskey, brandy, and rum bases used to exist, but they paled in comparison to the original recipe and were eventually phased out — hence the “No. 1” of Pimm’s moniker.

You can use other mixers besides lemonade: wine, tonic, and pomegranate juice are all popular options. Besides the Pimm’s Original, here are some ideas for a Pimm’s Sundowner, a Pimm’s popsicle, and even a Pimm’s green juice.