Former Vice President Amado Boudou with ultra-Kirchnerite Luis D'Elia at Plaza de Mayo this morning. Photo via Infobae

Everybody’s favorite former Vice President, Amado Boudou, reappeared in public this morning at Plaza de Mayo, speaking at the camp of demonstrators asking for the release of Tupac Amaru’s leader, Milagro Sala. He gave a speech alongside ultra-Kirchnerite former social leader and cabinet member, Luis D’Elía:

“The only important thing is for people to have a job, because when jobs are taken from people, [the government] is sabotaging the country and, in the long run, sabotaging each one of us.”

Well, he may have used a stronger word than “sabotaging,” but we deemed it too early for swearing. In any case, Boudou was referring to the mass layoffs in the public sector, which have included many people he himself appointed during his time in the Senate.

“I ask everyone not to forget [the economic crisis of 2001], what [former President] Néstor Kirchner was, what [former President] Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was. What fighting against corporations was, what fighting against the international financial system was. Each of us will have to deal with what we’ve been dealt with, but none of us will give up a single centimeter of what we’ve gained.”

“They may shut us up, they may make us run, but we are the Argentina of the 21st century,” Boudou continued. His speech was broadcast on Luis D’Elías “Rebel Radio” channel.

Boudou has just returned from Mexico, where he spent a few weeks with his girlfriend, sporting a breakup beard akin to that of former Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernández. He had to be authorized by a federal judge to leave Argentina due to the various cases he has against him. Now that he’s back in the country, we can expect to see more of him, at least on the judicial front.

He concluded his speech with a poem and acclaiming “Néstor, Cristina […] and every person that stands by us!”

Protesters have been camping out at the Plaza de Mayo demanding that Sala be released since late January. If you’re hitting Google translate for Milagro Sala and thinking it’s a “miracle room,” you might want to click here to understand what’s going on.