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Bono, frontman of Irish rock band U2 (as if you needed clarification of who Bono is, but we have to include it just in case), sent a letter to Santiago Maldonado’s older brother, Sergio, and his wife Andrea, telling them he’s praying so they can find out what happened to him. He also sent a message to the 28-year-old tattoo artist, encouraging him to “never give up.”

Bono invited Maldonado’s family to the concert the band gave in the city of La Plata on Tuesday after learning about the case the entire country is talking about – although not so much in the past days – since August 1, and about which he asked President Mauricio Macri when he visited him at the Casa Rosada on Monday.

“Thanks for coming to see our band… I hope the show can help the ache of grief you must be feeling. Music is the only thing that can get me out of such a feeling of despair… that and my faith, my family, my friends…” reads the first paragraph of the letter, that has given to them when at the concert.

Photo via La Nación
Photo via La Nación

He continued by quoting a verse of California, one of the band’s songs: there is no end to grief, that’s how we know there is no end to love.” He concluded by saying that “the other thing we pray for is that you find out what happened.” “Santiago…never give up,” the letter finishes.

It’s not surprising that Bono is acquainted with the Maldonado case. He’s a member of Amnesty international, whose Argentine section has been closely following the case, and has criticized the way in which the government has been dealing with his disappearance. “We talked about Santiago Maldonado and I felt like the President is taking the case seriously,” Bono said after the meeting.