Photo via Peru 21

The Bolivian government will send a taskforce to Argentina to analyzing how the changes to immigration policy implemented by the Macri administration could affect the Bolivian community residing in the country. Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni will lead the mission.

“We have put together a taskforce made up of members of the Foreign Ministry, some ministers and Senate President [José Alberto Gonzales] will travel to Argentina to see what problems our brothers are having,” Bolivian President Evo Morales said today.

The Bolivian President himself sent a tweet earlier this week that, despite not directly addressing these particular immigration controls, seemed to be implicitly directed at Argentina.

“Brother Latin American Presidents we are a #SharedHomeland, let us NOT follow the migration politics of the North. Together in our sovereignty and dignity.”

Other high ranking Bolivian officials voiced their disapproval of the decree signed by President Mauricio Macri this week.  Bolivian Minister of Defense, Reymi Ferreira, stated in conversation with local media that he believes this policy was “rushed” and that it could potentially generate “xenophobia as well as discriminatory and racist acts.”

The taskforce will arrive next week and its members intend to set up several meetings with Argentine authorities.

Members of the Macri administration have defended the measure, rejecting the idea that it could have xenophobic effects. National Immigration Director Horacio García denied the measures are a “persecution plan” and went on to assure that Argentina has the “moral authority to impose limits on the entry of immigrants into the country.

We’ll see if the task force leaves the country having the same stance on these issues after having a chat with their Argentine counterparts next week.