Yup. Bolivia is banning the best wine in the world.

César Cocarico, the Bolivian Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, made the announcement at a press conference held last Saturday at Tarija, the main grape, wine and singani (Bolivia’s national liqueur) producer in the country.

The protectionist measure is designed to coincide with the grape-harvesting season in Bolivia, which runs from January 27th to April 27th and will affect both Argentine and Chilean imports of grapes and wine.

According to a local newspaper, the three-month ban follows a law sanctioned in 2016 that allows the National Service for Animal and Plant Health and Food Safety (SENASAG) to “suspend the certificate emission in order to protect the national output.”

This is the latest bit of bad news for Argentine exporters. The Trump administration announced that Argentine lemon imports are being banned in the States for 60 days last week. However a US government spokeswoman insisted that the measure is standard protocol during the transition of US administrations.