(Photo via Security Ministry/Clarin)

The last 24 hours have been of harrowing anxiety for the Argentine people.

Ever since news broke yesterday that a body had been found in the Chubut River only 300 meters away from where 28-year-old activist Santiago Maldonado went missing last August 1st, the first thing that came to everyone’s minds was that the question asked by millions, “Where is Santiago Maldonado?”, had been answered. And in the most tragic way possible.

A day later, the identity of the body remains unknown – at least officially – even though many media outlets in the country, journalists and unnamed sources in the government have already confirmed that it is, indeed, Maldonado.

With only four days to the midterms, candidates from all political parties around the country have chosen to halt their campaigns out of respect for the family and are bracing for impact over the tragic end of what became arguably Mauricio Macri’s gravest political crisis since his inauguration.

This afternoon, more evidence came to light indicating that the body belongs to Maldonado, when both Clarín and Infobae reported that Maldonado’s DNI (his ID card) was found in one of his pants’ pockets. The body is now being brought to Buenos Aires, where an autopsy will be conducted by experts in an effort to identify him.

Infobae reported that forensic investigators also found the body was carrying condoms and some money. This information had already reached President Macri this afternoon and a crisis committee has already been created.