Boca versus San Lorenzo (Photo via Perfil)

Copa de Oro is finally underway and fans are excited to see who will be the winner this year of the highly anticipated summer tournament. In its second match, Boca tied against San Lorenzo with a score of 2-2.

In just within 9 minutes of the game, Boca was able to get a penalty shot (a questionable one if I say so myself) and Fernando Gago made the the first goal of the day. But before the first half of the match could end, San Lorenzo’s Nicolás Blandi was able to tie the score, making a beautiful header at minute 36.

But of course, as in many football matches, there was some controversy over a call made within the first 2 minutes of the first half. San Lorenzo’s Néstor Ortigoza came from behind Boca’s Mauro Vigliano, sliding straight through him, kicking him right on the ankle as soon as Vigliano passed the ball to one of his teammates. The ref simply gave Ortigoza a yellow card, causing an uproar and having many claim that it should have been a red card.

You can judge the call for yourself:

But alas, the game must go on. During the first 7 minutes of the second half, San Lorenzo’s Baustista Merlini got a goal, giving the team the upper hand. Which apparently didn’t last too long because Boca’s Walter Bou was able to tie the game up with a goal at minute 20.