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Throwback Thursday  is going to be a little too real tomorrow for the 75,000 Porteños who are trying to learn to live without electricity from the blackout that some expect to last till Saturday.

An estimated 110,000 people in the city were left without electricity yesterday and around 35,000 lucky souls got theirs back last night, but the shit show continues for the rest. The incident affects mostly Recoleta (Av. Sante Fe, Callao and 9 de Julio), Palermo and Barrio Norte.

But forget about everyone who’s annoyed about food rotting in their fridges or not having hot water to bathe over the next few days: Environment and Public Spaces Minister Edgardo Cenzón is furious for an entirely different reason.

The minister was called up at 7 AM today by the show Emepezando El Día to comment on the issue and apparently, he isn’t a morning ray of sunshine. The reporter said the minister became livid for waking him up so early (is 7 AM really that early for a government minister?). Needless to say the reporter didn’t find out anything new.

This your morning face, Cenzon? Photo via La Nacion.
This your morning face, Cenzon? Photo via La Nacion.

The incident started yesterday at noon due to an electric malfunction underground.  We don’t know exactly what went wrong, but Telmex left some comforting words saying its, “very serious.”

The company first teased us by saying the electricity would come back by 8:30 this morning. Now Telmex leaves us with some words of hope telling us the problem will be fixed, “In one day with luck.” This probably means 1-3 days.

Stock up on water and candles because this could last a while. Warning: since we’re not used to this 19th century lifestyle, be careful with candles because there has already been a fire incident in a second floor apartment on Calle Peña caused by a candle falling over. Fire plus no running water in the house is never a good combination.

Be safe and don’t have too much.

And check out this map that shows you which areas of the city remain without electricity.