Photo via El Cronista

In a scene that is certainly not unfamiliar, authorities estimate that as many as 30,000 Argentines will be making their way over to Chile in a mad rush for sales and bargains.

The combination of the long weekend and Chilean Black Friday that is drawing Argentine bargain-hunters to Chile like moths to a well-priced flame.

To put it into perspective, 8 out of 10 cars parked during a long weekend at the hypermarket ‘Líder’ in the Chilean commune of the Andes are Argentine-owned. Even without external price-drops, electronic products and apparel in that store can be up to 30% cheaper than what can be found in Argentina.

Throw a couple discounts on top of that and many consumers can end up paying half of what they would pay here. It probably comes as no surprise that so many Argentinians are speedily heading for the border, no matter the distance.