Macri met with Biden on his second day at the World Economic Forum. Photo via Infobae.

Continuing down the list of high-profile meetings at the Davos World Economics Forum, President Mauricio Macri met US Vice President Joe Biden today to discuss improving Argentine-US relations. Which was swell, but the moment that really sticks out for us (and which probably still has Macri grinning from ear to ear), was when the US VP pointed out the fact that the Argentine head of state was accompanied by former presidential contender Sergio Massa, one of his rivals leading up to the October 25th general elections, and hailed the men’s current association as an example the US ought to follow.

“I want the American press to observe something,” he said as all three posed for photos. “The new President brought a member of the opposition with him. That’s what we’ve got to do at home.”

And, sure, while Massa is not Cristina-levels of opposition (in fact many would argue Macri and Massa are in many ways cut from the same cloth), he did run against the guy, so we’ll take it. 10 points for Argentina.

The man knows how to make an entrance. Gif via Giphy.

During their meeting, Biden and Macri agreed on beginning a “new era in bilateral relations” and skirted certain subjects like potentially lifting visa requirements between the US and Argentina as well as the much touchier subject of holdout creditors. Biden also said that the United States is open to collaborating on all issues, especially innovation, technology, defense and security.

Biden added that the US would offer its help in fighting drug trafficking in Argentina and said he was confident Argentina is “on the path towards development.” Then he gave us a gold star and clapped us on the back before sending us off to school. Just kidding.