Photo via Twitter.

Following the publication of the design that will be used to celebrate the bicentennial of Argentina’s independence from Spain on July 9th this year, the Internet has responded in all its glory to give its opinion on the new logo.

“I present the logo that will be used for our celebrations to mark the 200th year anniversary of independence,” posted President Mauricio Macri on his social media accounts at midnight last night. Officially, the logo is meant to represent “a badge with a brilliant sun at its center,” however it has caused a divide among Twitter users, many of whom began tapping out assorted responses.

Some seemed to appreciate the hard work that had gone into the new logo:

“What are they complaining about now? The bicentennial logo? Love their shitty priorities.”

Others mocked the basic design:

“Behind the scenes of the bicentennial logo…”

“The bicentennial logo was inspired by the old series, ‘Time Tunnel.’ We’re going back 30 years.”

“Making the bicentennial logo.”

Awkwardly, someone who was allegedly there when the original logo was designed wasn’t exactly complimentary about it either:

“I worked in the studio where the bicentennial logo was designed. The new logo is a knockoff copy and it’s UGLY.”

The government plans on offering a full calendar of events to mark the anniversary of Argentina’s independence. Independence was declared on 9 July 1816, after the  Congress of Tucumán gathered to announce the country’s liberation from Spanish rule.