Life is sweet for the employees of La Unión

Emilio Saéz is a very popular boss among his employees; and with good reason.

Owner of ‘La Unión’ – a bakery in Tulhuín, Tierra del Fuego, with thirty employees – Saéz has made national news for building a summer house for his business’ employees.

The summer house, situated in Puerto Madryn, boasts four bedrooms, a garden, and a heated pool; available to the staff and their families and friends for two weeks each every year — that’s on top of normal vacation time! All costs (apart from food) are covered by Mr Saéz himself.

The panadería where the lucky employees work
The panadería where the lucky employees work

Talking to La Nación, Mr Saéz explained how important it was for him for his employees to get on: “Working in a bakery entails working hard with one another all the time, for me it’s important that my workers come to work happy.”