Photo via TN

President Mauricio Macri announced housing plans today in Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires Province, and once again tested just how much awkwardness the Argentine people can tolerate in his speeches.

Joined by Buenos Aires Province Governor María Eugenia Vidal, Macri encouraged those present to channel their inner Mr. Rogers: “It’d be really nice if every Argentine could tell each other, ‘Thank you for what you do, because what you do is good for everyone.’ If everyone did that, our days would be very different,” said Macri. He then proceeded to play “Let the Sunshine In” and organized a massive drum circle with government officials and attendees.

But the best was yet to come: Macri then exemplified how everyone could be nice to each other and use their words to brighten even the darkest  of days with the following:

“Imagine if every time we went into a public bathroom and saw a worker cleaning it to leave it spotless, instead of passing him or her because we’re filled with problems and the bathroom is a place to reflect, you told him or her: ‘Thank you for your work, which allows everyone to have a nice bathroom.’ The energy, the joy, the pride would be different,” continued Macri.

Filled with problems, eh? In a place to reflect?

As if that wasn’t enough, Mac then laughed nervously to make sure everyone understood he was talking about going number two and would forever be haunted by imaged of the President reflecting about the benefits of having a presidential Snapchat account in the Quinta de Olivos’ bathroom, pants around his ankles and elbows on his knees.