Starting at 7 am today at the Obelisk, the social justice group Barrios de Pie organized a day of protest to gather support for the declaration of a “Food Emergency,” demanding the government to identify malnourished children in Buenos Aires and provide them adequate assistance. According to Daniel Menéndez to La Red radio, the protesters will install thousands of tables to gather signatures for public support.

The group will not interfere with the Metrobuses, but yesterday they reported to Clarín that they would form blockades on Corrientes and Callao in the morning. Though it is uncertain exactly which roads they will block, possible options they stated include the Pueyrredón bridge; the Panamarica, 197, and BA – La Plata highways; and tonight at 7 PM, they plan to protest in the Plaza of Congress.

If you are using any of these roads, keep an eye on the Alertas Transito Twitter page. For example, Barrios de Pie stated yesterday that they would block the La Noria bridge, but the page states that it is not blocked, just slow.

Regarding the “Food Emergency,” Barrios de Pie officially states: “Recent data released by the UCA confirm that ‘multidimensional’ poverty among children and adolescents from 0 to 17 years of age reached 58.7 percent. This is 7.6 million children. These figures correspond with the preliminary data of the survey Salud Nutricional de Barrios de Pie, according to which 43 percent of children and adolescents who attend food banks of the organization throughout the country suffer malnutrition.”

The group’s aim for the demonstration is to collect signatures from citizens supporting the “Food Emergency Law” and mobilize them to force the government to take action.

What does the Food Emergency Law entail? According to Clarín, Barrios de Pie wants to create a Federal Council that, through an official survey, identifies children between ages 0-17 who suffer from malnutrition and forces the government to treat them accordingly.

“There will be drawbacks, but in principle, the idea is to mobilize, to concentrate with these tables throughout the country collecting signatures,” added the head of Barrios de Pie.