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Any banking errands to do? Be sure to get to them out of the way this afternoon, as strikes will be taking place all-day tomorrow and Thursday. The string of banking strikes continue, in this instance caused by a refusal on behalf of the government to sign an agreement put forward by the Banking Association.

“The use of force is necessary to achieve compliance” stressed trade union leaders. This action includes an agreement for another 48 hour strike next week (December 19th-23rd).

“The measure will affect banks in the Banking Association of Argentina (ABA, with foreign capital), the Central Bank and the Special Banking Association (ABE) on Wednesday and Thursday for 24 hours and on Thursday for national banks”  said Eduardo Berrozpe, spokesman for the Banking Association (AB).

“President Mauricio Macri agreed to abolish the income tax, he hasn’t done it and now he seems to be taking us for fools. The banks are no fools” declared a Trade Union document.

Banks are usually open from 10 AM to 3 PM during the week.