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Bank Strike Lifted: No Need To Worry Anymore About Not Being Able To Get Cash

by . April 22, 2016

argentine pesosYou can't withdraw coins though, don't be silly. Photo via

Remember when we said that ATMs would run dry in the city this Friday and that you’d have to hoard cash so you wouldn’t be eating some ancient, forgotten-about oatmeal? Forget it! Forget it all.

The good news is that striking bank workers have reached an agreement with the authorities, and in financial institutions it’ll be business as usual – cash aplenty in ATMs.

The union’s representatives were satisfied with the outcome of negotiations, a 33 percent pay rise in a one-off payment. “We’re satisfied, we got what we were looking for – an increase in one payment,” the union leader told reporters at an impromptu press conference.

He added that there had been a deal to re-employ several laid off workers too. And, with that, you should be able to withdraw cash as usual from ATMs.

Hell, maybe even one day you’ll be able to get bills bigger than AR $100 pesos. Some say I’m a dreamer…

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