Fun fact: Waiting in line is the worst. (Photo:

Great news, long-line haters! (Which is basically everyone.) The dream app specifically designed to help you avoid long lines has finally touched down here, courtesy of a team-up between Banco Macro and Whyline, the tech startup that created a solution to avoid those horrid, antsy moments while we are waiting for basically anything.

Now, going to the bank – or at least that bank, for now – just got that much easier.

phones01Banco Macro launched the new, tech friendly initiative just over a month ago as a part of their partnership with Whyline. The application seeks so solve the age-old problem of unnecessary queuing by enabling users to get real time updates of how many people are in front of you, the speed of the line, and receive information about estimated wait time. Additionally, and arguably the best part, the app allows customers to reserve appointments throughout the day as well as receive friendly alerts about where and when to show up. Now you can actually go to a bank and leave in sufficient amounts of time. Technology, man.

Whyline independently created this app as part of their “quest to end lines worldwide” and it seeks to work with different business models from coffee shops, to hospitals, and of course banks.

According to Milagro Medrano, manager of institutional relations and customer care at Banco Macro, the process was quite easy, “They had the product, we just had to connect it with our systems and in three months it was operational. It’s a win-win…it is Whyline’s vision that several companies can adopt this methodology. We were just the pioneers of incorporating the application.” Medrano then said this is “another step along the way to having technology solve people’s lives.” By logging in, the user can decide which branch to go to, which processes to do and check out what the delay time is. The app calculates your wait time and constantly updates the user on any changes to upcoming appointments.

Whyline’s app launch is just one element of Banco Macro’s plan to incorporate itself and its customers into its digital innovation movement. This month, the bank will introduce new homebanking aspects as well as unique features to its mobile app. Medrano stated the importance of integrating Fintech, or financial technology, explaining that the the company is “working very hard on our part to be a part of the digital transformation. It’s a new way of working: putting yourself in the customer’s place and thinking about ways to make their lives easier.”

But if the concept of only getting an appointment through some tech savvy skills is not your preferred mode of running errands, have no fear. Medrano clarified that this app only works to improve the lives of every type of bank goer, stating, “The idea is that if you still do not feel comfortable using the mobile banking or homebanking process and prefer to approach the branch in person, you just have the opportunity to manage your time better… There are people who like to go to the bank and wait anyways. Rather, it is a generational change that also depends on demand.”

Medrano predicted that the app would have a larger impact in bigger cities like Buenos Aires or Cordoba, where “time is essential: distances are longer, people walk around with less time.” So no matter where in the country, big city or small, Banco Macro and Whyline are seeking to help you organize the bank process and make your day just a little bit easier.