You probably can’t tell, but I’m hyperventilating right now. This could be the greatest thing on television.

Remember Cabinet Chief Jorge “Coqui” Capitanich‘s ex-wife, Sandra Mendoza? Our very own staffer Noah Beaudette wrote extensively about her last year, but you may remember her as the hissy fit-prone, Kirchnerite lawmaker who once rammed her car against the Chaco Legislature, after then-husband Capitanich asked her to resign to her post as provincial Health Minister in 2009.

Things haven’t been well between Mendoza and him since they got divorced a few years ago. In fact, Capitanich has been trying to move on and distance himself from her due to her controversial nature and the fact that some have even called her sanity into question.

Enter television megastar and Media mogul Marcelo Tinelli, arguably the most influential man on TV (and one of the most powerful people in the country.) Tinelli is still relishing in the attention created by the season premiere of his hit show Showmatch, which blends the nature of Dancing with the Stars (“Bailando por un Sueño“) with the most terrifying elements of Jerry Springer’s talk show, and returned to our TVs last week after its host took a sabbatical in 2013. There’s dancing, naked chicks, more naked chicks, scandals, fighting, impersonations and ratings through the roof.

But like I explained before, Tinelli’s influence extends beyond the realm of television and is always tainted by politics, since he’s the personality all politicians want to be friend with. Being friends with Tinelli means being liked by “the people” (whatever that means.)

So when the administration hired him to revamp the Fútbol para Todos government program a few months ago – only to fire him a few days later when they refused to give in to his suggestions – Tinelli decided he didn’t like this administration anymore. Sure, he’s always saying “it’s all good” in front of the cameras and laughing about it, but his scorn is evident when he goes on Twitter and drips a little bit of poison in the form of a joke.

Before parting ways, Capitanich functioned as a buffer zone of sorts, and since he is currently the most visible face of the administration – mostly thanks to his daily press briefings – it was him who had to deal with the fallout and become the de facto face of the failed negotiations between the TV host and Cristina.

And now Tinelli is having his revenge in the most unexpected of ways: he has hired Capitanich’s ex-wife to join the cast of Bailando por un Sueño. And he did it via Twitter, because why not? It all started with a seemingly innocent tweet from Sandra Mendoza to Tinelli:



“Marcelo, I know how to dance. Kisses. I will dance cumbia with you haha, or I can dance with the aborigines from Chaco, Marcelo. Lots of love.”


Tinelli was quick to reply:



“Sandra Mendoza wants to dance in Showmatch 2014. Will this be a problem for her ex Coqui???”


“No problem at all. The only ones I listen to are my mom Doña tita and my dad, who’s dead haha.”


Not sure “Ha ha” and “my dead father” should ever be used in the same sentences but whatever.

When some Twitter users saw this, their first reaction was disbelief and mockery, because that’s just how people are.



 “If Sandra Mendoza comes to Bailando, I would recommend those who park in the Ideas del Sur studios to leave their cars out on the street. Just in case.”


Ha! Because she likes to ram cars and stuff. Get it?

Tinelli asked the question again, this time to his 2.5 million followers:



 “My friend Coqui’s ex-wife, lawmaker Sandra Mendoza wants to join the Bailando… 2014. So I ask her here: Sandra, are you ready to dance?”






“I’m ready to dance. ‘Happiness is revolutionary’.”


OMG YES!!!!! And also:


 “My friend, I’m nobody’s ex. I only belong to Guillermo Mendoza and Doña Tita, my mom and my dad. Love to your family. Love you.”




“Producers will be reaching out to you immediately so you can start rehearsing. Kisses, friend. <3”




Whatever you do, don’t you ever, ever, ever piss off Marcelo Tinelli.

Oh and if you’re interested in what Capitanich has to say about all this, he has been addressing the Senate since 1 pm so chances are he still hasn’t heard about it.

This should be fun.