Hold your mid-week horses, Canadian jazz-slash-hip-hop boys are in Buenos Aires for the next two days. Dropping in on Niceto the group will be playing two shows, one tonight and one tomorrow from 9PM so there’s really no excuse to miss out. 

Igniting the flame in 2010 the jazz group set off on their musical trajectory with hip-hop as a guiding light. They united over a mutual love of artists such as MF Doom, arguably one of the best rappers and producers in the game. Here’s a favorite MF Doom track for you to check out if you’re curious

The group released their debut self-titled album, BBNG in 2011 they covered various prolific hip-hop tracks and quickly gained the attention of hip-hop young gun, Tyler The Creator. Grafting away, the lads released their sophomore album BBNG2 one year later with more sharp covers in the mix, including some Kanye and My Bloody Valentine. Not ones for outrageous album names their third record III arrived in 2014 and was yet another hit with the critics with their latest studio album IV arriving last year.

“A jazz trio on paper — but often strange, forever imaginative, and ultimately revolutionary hip-hop and electronic beatmakers at heart.

Since emerging from their Toronto bubble the boys have sailed to dizzying heights, having collaborated with some of the biggest cats in the hip-hop business. Kendrick Lamar, Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown to name a few. This back-to-back event will not be one to pass up.


Tuesday 2nd May and Wednesday 3rd May from 9PM


Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510)

How much

AR $575

You can grab a ticket here.