Photo via Twitter (@motoreco_ok)

The 19th annual Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) kicked off yesterday, and will be held in the Gaumont cinema until the 30th of this month. The festival comes at a bittersweet time, just a week after National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts’ (INCAA) head Alejandro Cacetta was asked to resign by Culture Minister Pablo Avelluto.

The Audiovisual Community, among others in the art community, supports Cacetta in the controversy, holding protests against the Department of Culture, INCAA, allegedly misleading INCAA press releases and the National School of Film Experimentation and Realization (ENERC).

Pablo Rovito, who resigned as the Dean of ENERC this Monday, left a scathing letter of resignation directed towards new INCAA head Ralph Haiek. In the lengthy letter, Rovito highlighted the significance and history of the school and the audacity of the Department of Culture in replacing Cacetta.

Despite two major heads of artistry gone from the Buenos Aires cinema scene, BAFICI continues (queue “the show must go on” cringe-pun). Tonight you can catch the following films, all free (and no registration required):

  • “Eagle vs. Shark,” directed by Taika Waititi, at 6 PM in the Versalles Cultural Center
  • “I bambini sanno,” directed by Walter Veltroni, at 7 PM in the Sebastián Piana Cultural Center
  • “The Garden of Words,” directed by Makoto Shunkai, at 8 PM in Parque Centenario
  • “Late Shift,” directed by Tobias Weber, at 8 PM in Plaza Francia