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B.A. Expat Comedy Night Making It Big In Argentina

By | [email protected] | May 16, 2016 5:06pm


Once upon a time I was minding my own business eating one of Sheikob’s bagels staving off a hangover. The normal Sundaze routine, ya feel me? While I was trying mainline carbs in peace, a boy sitting next to me decided that he would not could not callate. He had glasses, he had an unkempt beard, he had New York accent, and clearly had some Woody Allen hero-worship going on. He kept tossing jokes out of the blue at me. “Hey, Last night I met a French guy with a shy bladder. He was a real nervous Pierre.” Listen bro, I’m trying to eat a bagel over here.

But he was funny, and he made me laugh, and we got married no stopping watching Nora Ephron films fools! Like all fairy tales, I ended up a regular at his stand-up comedy night. Because it was none other than Jordan Landsman, the co-founder of the BA Expat Comedy, the stand up night that is performed entirely in English for locals, travelers, and your parents alike.

That was seven months ago. Since it’s inception (and since we first covered it) the show the yanqui founded with local Sofi Casas has taken off, attracting international talent and rising in the hallowed ranks of tripadvisor. “We started off ranked at 1,091 out of 1,085 attractions (not a typo)” It has since risen.  

Don’t be fooled by my presence in the stellar line-up, the night features some real stars, like Alex Hooper, a LA comedian who once guest starred on New Girl. You know, Prince was once a guest star on New Girl too… so like it’s a pretty big deal. Other big names include Abby Feldman, of Netlix’s Gringolandia, and bigger names in Argentine comedy like Felix Buenaventura and Ana Carolina. They made me laugh until I felt that maybe I had six pack. Surprise! I did not. Back to my winter diet I go!

These family friendly jokes and more have brought the show local fame.

What has brought the show such success? Its fluid transition between foreign and local comedians. “One of the best parts of the shows that even though we perform in English, we feature a lot of Argentine comedians. It’s an awesome way for foreign crowds to be exposed to the local talent.” I can attest to that, I’ve seen crowds of tourists lose it listening to the plight of an Argentine divorcee trying to find love and hope anew on Tinder. His name was not, in a twist the crowd did not see coming, Facundo.

As for the name of the show, he can offer no justification. “Jordan,” I said, “We both know that we are not expats, we are immigrants, and Donald Trump will not be letting us back into the country even if we bring taco bowls with us.”

“Yes but we’ve already printed the flyers.” And the name stays.

You can catch the comedians at work tomorrow night and every Wednesday at Espacio Dada (Jorge Luis Borges 1655) at 9:30pm. This is not a drill.