photo via wonderopolis

Revenge is sweet.

A young Argentine woman, known by her 36k Instagram followers as @lachicadelosvideos, became everyone’s new best friend when she decided to give shop owners a taste of their own caramel-coated medicine. In a video uploaded to her account, she conducted an “experiment” by giving out candy along with pesos as a form of payment in three different stores.

The budding social media star began her campaign of justice after growing tired of cashiers giving her candy instead of the correct change after purchasing goods. In Argentina, the law states that if a cashier doesn’t have the correct amount, they should round it up in favor of the client. This however, does not prevent shopkeepers from giving out candy to their customers.

Why candy? Perhaps it has something to do with the recent fall in sweet consumption over the past few years that has coincided with a rise in imported goods- Argentina imports the most Candy, followed by the US and Germany- making it harder for shopkeepers to unload that sweet stash.

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Her video has already gotten over 24,000 views since being uploaded a day ago and it remains to be seen whether others will follow her example in a kind of Avengers-like quest for getting your change back instead of some strange candy wrapped in too-shiny paper.