Avenida Corrientes at night. (Argentinear)

Theater lovers, rejoice: the Broadway of Buenos Aires is going pedestrian. Starting in 2018, the city government will restrict all private vehicle access to Avenida Corrientes after 7pm and designate two lanes for pedestrian traffic. Behind the initiative are representatives of the Argentine Association of Theater Workers (AAdET), who want show goers to pasear tranquilo before and after performances.

Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will reveal the plan next week, according to ámbito.com. Construction begins this summer. Restrictions on private vehicles will only apply at night to Corrientes between Callao and Florida, where most of the theaters are. Colectivos will circulate at all hours.

Known worldwide as “the avenue that never sleeps,” Corrientes is the heart of the Argentine capital’s commercial theater circuit. It features everything from musical comedies to tango, from revue shows to local versions of international plays. AAdET has partnered with the city government to revitalize the district. “We see the project as a huge opportunity to value all the cultural capital of Buenos Aires,” the artists said in a press conference alongside city officials. “Its theater scene is among the most important in the world, and we’re focusing on the most emblematic region of the city.”

The plan emerges amid a similar project that PRO put forth last year to increase areas restricted to vehicles in the city by 300 percent. The initiative, known as “Área Ambiental Buenos Aires Centro,” proposed that no private automobiles could drive between 9am and 6pm through 86 blocks marked by the avenues Rivadavia, De Mayo, Pellegrini, Córdoba y Alem. The legislators got ahead of urban planning capabilities. They have since reduced the hours to 11am and 4pm. The city will roll out the spatial boundaries from this year on until 2020.

The revival of the theater district, however, se pone en marcha.