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The Justice department of San Nicolás, a town in Buenos Aires province, is currently investigating the cause of death of a 34-year old man who attended the same electronic music party in Sante Fe where a young woman, aged 20, died as a result of drug use.

Lucas Liveratore attended a New Year’s Eve party with some friends, and according to La Nación, where he stayed until the end, even though he had told people he wasn’t feeling very well at some point during the night. A few hours later, a relative went up to his house after not hearing from him, and found his body.

Although the cause of death still needs to be confirmed, he is believed to have died in his sleep, supposedly after taking drugs at the New Year’s celebration. As part of the ongoing investigation, San Nicolás’ prosecutor, Patricio Mugica, ordered to search Liveratore’s house, where no pills were found, according to a statement the attorney made this morning.

This is the second victim of the New Year’s party thrown by Punta Stage, a dance club in Arroyo Seco, located next to the Buenos Aires-Rosario highway, 30 km from Rosario, in Santa Fe province. A 20-year old girl, Giuliana Maldovan, reportedly lost consciousness while at the danceclub, and died a few hours later in the hospital. Four other young men and women were hospitalized with similar symptoms.

Alicia Cadierno, the head of the Médico Legal Institute, which is in charge of Maldovan’s autopsy, said yesterday that it was “practically confirmed” her death had been caused by ecstasy. Bags of pills were found in the boliche’s restroom area by the forensic division of the Santa Fe police, who will now analyze them to determine what they contain.

The town’s mayor, Nizar Esper, said in conversation with Clarín that there were three different parties that night, with more than 8,000 attendees from Rosario, Arroyo Seco and probably many from Buenos Aires province, where music festivals have been banned since last April, following the deaths of five people at the TimeWarp festival, in Costa Salguero.

The mayor added that the town “doesn’t want these kind of parties” and that he has banned electronic music festivals across the district until the City Council regulates them.