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Authorities In Ezeiza Detain Suspected Lebanese Terrorist Wanted In U.S.

By | [email protected] | September 8, 2016 10:03am


A Lebanese citizen wanted in the United States for suspected ties to terrorism was detained at the Buenos Aires international airport, Ezeiza. Khalil Mohamed El Sayed tried to enter Argentina with fake documents from Paraguay on Wednesday night, according to state-run news agency Télam.

In addition to a detention order by the Department of Homeland Security, which wants to question the suspect for terrorism, El Sayed also has a warrant out in Brazil for alleged ties to drug trafficking and arms deals.

The detention “was possible thanks to a system implemented by the Security Ministry that connects Interpol International’s network with that of Customs,” according to Télam.

The area commonly known as the “tri-border” that connects Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina has long been seen as a hub of illegal activity. Although the big concern there has long been drug trafficking, in recent years there have also been increasing worries that international terrorists could move around the porous borders of the three countries.

El Sayed is currently being detained in the Ezeiza prison.