Photo via La Nacion

The recording of the phone conversation between former President Cristina Kirchner and ex-Director of Operations of Argentina’s Intelligence Service, Oscar Parrilli, that got everyone so hot under the collar on Friday, has finally been leaked, and the media is having a field day.

In the recording, which forms the basis for a legal complaint that federal prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan made last Friday against Kirchner, the former Head of State is heard making a gaffe that has been seized upon by the press.

Talking about Parrilli’s predecessor at the agency, Antonio ‘Jamie’ Stiuso, Kirchner tells Parrilli to “start gathering information on all the cases we framed him for. I mean… not framed him for but accused him of.”

The phone recording, which became public knowledge on Friday, was made public by journalist Luis Majul on La Red radio station today. Here’s a link to the recording so you can judge for yourself:

The call, recorded last July, begins with Cristina in full stride. “It’s me, Cristina, pelotudo,” she says to Parrilli, when he doesn’t immediately recognize who’s calling. She then chides Parrilli, a close ally she appointed to the intelligence agency in late 2014, for not being up to date on comments that Stiuso  made to La Nación newspaper, in which he described Cristina as a “crazy woman” who was running “parallel spy operations dedicated to framing people.” When Parrilli says he is in Neuquén and waiting for the newspapers to reach his desk, an exasperated Cristina tells him to “use the Internet.”

A judge authorized the phone recordings as part of a separate investigation into Parrilli for allegedly “covering-up” information that would have led to the arrest of fugitive, Ibar Pérez Corradi, wanted for his involvement in the notorious ‘Triple Murder’ of 2008.