Although the proven health issues associated with smoking might not bother you (I mean, it’s called excess mortality, right?!), today sees the monetary cost of cigarettes continue to rise at an average of 9%.

In a statement identical to the one released announcing price increases last year, cigarette supplier Massalín Particulares has today announced price increases on all their brands in order to meet revenue targets set by the government this year,

“given that for every packet of cigarettes, the State collect nearly 70% in taxes”.

Here’s the damage:

Marlboro común: 21 pesos, box: 22 pesos; Phillip Morris común: 19.50 pesos, box: 20 pesos; Next común: 17.50, box: 18. Benson and Hedges, Parliament, and Virginia Slims will come in at 24 pesos.

Nobleza Piccardo, who supplies a helping-hand to the cemetery for all of those on team Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Camel, Dunhill, Viceroy Classic (whoever that is), and affiliated ‘click’ novelties, are expected to announce a similar increase imminently. So stock up you guys.

Or just, like, quit.