Presented by the Secretariat of Human Rights, the 2nd edition of the Asterisco Film Festival in Buenos Aires is opening Tuesday, July 14th at 8pm with the 2012 film by Belgian filmmaker Vincent Lannoo, Au nom du fils (In the name of the Son).

The festival features an impressive selection of films from more than thirty countries and takes place in various venues from Downtown to the MALBA Museum. Asterisco is scheduled to run until the 19th so don’t wait too long to get in on the cinematic action.


The Asterisco Film Festival is not geared solely to the LGBTIQ community, despite what Putin might be saying… gays aren’t actually that into propaganda. Albertina Carri, (The Blonds, Gemini), the Director of the film festival along with Fernando Peña, (Film Historian, presenter of Filmoteca  television show and German hero who is credited with discovering the most complete version of Metropolis) probably couldn’t put a bad selection of films together if their fabulous lives depended on it.  All sarcasm aside, the curators of the festival have produced an inspiring collection of films that achieve something extraordinary making sense and humanizing the seemingly contradictory. It´s human rights in context and cinema at its best.

Films are broken down into themes. Competitions, Trapped Women, Argentine Bromance (that’s actually an accurate name for a section) and “standing by me”. Then there is “The Skin I Live In” section (a big hit with claustrophobics), with different categories: Homocore: Downtown NY, Focus Eloy de la Iglesia, Focus Hans Scheugl, Focus Netherlands –by the way, Focus means selected films by specific filmmakers.

Other fun things to look forward to:

  • Intersex, Lesbian Vampires and Other Homo-Erotic Monsters
  • Queer Pioneers
  • LPQH-Short and Long Films with focus on Jenni Olson

For those of you not familiar with Olson, she founded the Minneapolis/St.Paul Lesbian, Gay, Bi&Transgender Film Festival as a student in the 80’s before going to San Francisco, and worked as a guest curator on the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. In short – she’s worth knowing.

Some of the films and sections will have Q&A’s with the directors, stars and curators after the screenings.

Other Special Activities include Artistic interventions, Dyka-a-thon! Dykey joys, bodies and humors – an intervention by Now Gall, Punto Eme, Virginia Cano and Marta Dillon, photo exhibitions by Emilie Jouvet’s and Crossdressing Short Films Program + Live Music by BIFE among others.


Auditorio Leonardo Favio de la Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación: Alsina 1835 /BAMA Cine Arte: Av.Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña 1150/56 / Casa Brandon: Luis María Drago 236 / Cine Gaumont / Espacio INCAA Km 0: Rivadavia 1635 / ENERC: Moreno 1199 / Kino Palais: Av. Del Libertador 1248 / Malba: Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415 / Milion: Paraná 1048 / Salón Arturo Illia del Palacio del Congreso de la Nación: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1849 / Salón Manuel Belgrano del Congreso de la Nación: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1710, Piso 4. / Only BAMA Cine Arte, Malba (all $30), and Gaumont, ($8), charge the tickets, the rest are free!

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