Un acercamiento al infinito by Hernán Salvo

Established art, emerging art. Art by young and old. Sculptures, art installations, paintings, media, performance.

This is what arteBA Focus / Distrito de las Arte, hosted by arteBA and the City of Buenos Aires, plans on delivering. The project, which takes art works from over 80 artists and puts them in the same warehouse complex (or, if we want to get arty, “space,”) is a two day exhibition that aims to do something very different with Argentine art. This is not a traditional exhibition space but rather ad hoc and “horizontal” in design, so the usual hierarchies don’t apply (they’re not going to tell you to read the artwork, or which of the artists is ‘famous’.) Expect art, novelty and more questions than answers.

Thirty galleries participated in the selection. The curators – Florencia Battiti y Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias, young heavy hitters in the BA art scene – chose three artists from each gallery to ensure a broad picture of the state of contemporary art in Argentina.

The event will unfold in Arena Studios, a huge warehouse complex in century-old, gritty, industrial La Boca. It’s all about “meeting and exchange”, so expect to wander through the various galleries in a meandering fashion. Two micro cinemas have been built especially for the exhibition, which will play audiovisual pieces selected by curator Karina Granieri. There’s short films by Alan Segal, Felicia Obeid, Gabriela Golder and Emilio Bianchic, touching on everything from the world’s most famous terrorist, Ulrike Meinhof, to Simón Bolívar’s Jamaican Letter.

As evening falls, so too does the music. Daniel Ojeda has curated a set-list comprised of DJs, artists and producers who all respond to the idea of music as that which escapes vision, but nonetheless “leaves marks.” Majo Echeverría, Paula di Pace, Mr. Trafixxx, Santy Gasquet, Rubén Zerrizuela and Mercedes Sanchez Dansey will all be performing.


Arenas Studios: Av. Pedro de Mendoza 965, Buenos Aires


12-13 November 2016


12 PM to 8 PM

Music starts at 5PM Saturday and Sunday


General: $100
Students and Pensioners: $50
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Down Av. Pedro de Mendoza: 8, 20, 130
Down Av. Alte. Brown: 29, 33, 53, 64, 86, 93, 129, 152, 159