A recent anti-Macri video filmed in a style that almost mimics mannequin challenge footage hit social media and seems to be making its rounds reaching over 500,000 views on Facebook and over 160,000 on YouTube. The video, named “Argentina detenida” (or Argentina paralyzed) features numerous anti-Cambiemos actors, creatives and self professed intellectuals from the organization “Colectivos Culturales Organizados” (Organized Cultural Collectives) with public figures like Rita Cortese, Cristina Banegas, Liliana Herrero, Horacio Fontova and Horacio González making an appearance. So what’s all the fuss about? The main MO behind the digital sort seems to be to showcase a series of apocalyptic freeze-frame scenes depicting the “process of destruction.”

The five minute video features contemporary political art, with clips covering a multitude of issues ranging from immigration to the conviction of social leader Milagro Sala. Shrouded in blustery wind sound effects, vocal utterances saying  “Nación (“Nation”) … Detenida (“Paralyzed”) … Destrucción (“Destruction”) are layered throughout the piece. The final sound-bite being a you woman’s voice saying “No a la Argentina detenida en su historia (No to an Argentina that is paralyzed in its history)”

The video ends with a condemnatory and slightly convoluted block of text:

“A process of destruction is under way. Argentina paralyzed for all. A dismantling is underway. Paralyzed is the Argentina of rights and work. There are political activists imprisoned and a ferocious campaign of lynching and persecution is closing on others. Submission to international financial power grows because debt grows. And walls are built against immigrants. Society is being disciplined in novel ways and with a classist, racist and sexist criteria.

That’s why, looking back, they want to deny the crimes of the dictatorship and move towards a relaunch of a society without history, based on the enthusiasm and the joy of cotillion. A process of destruction is under way. Halted the Sovereign Argentina .

Dismantled national companies, interrupted scientific and technological production, slashed the budget for universities and science, forgotten the Malvinas claim. Nation becomes the name of a hunting ground for businessmen. A process of destruction is under way.

Paralyzed is the Argentina of the workers who have been repeatedly laid off by private companies and public spaces. Precariousness abounds and job stability is being hurt in every region. It is time to move, to march together, to show that we haven’t been paralyzed. That we are many who want another country. No to an Argentina that is halted in its history.”

While some within Argentina’s political far left have embraced the video, it may have fallen unsurprisingly flat with the members of the political establishment it aimed at criticizing.

Love it or hate it, the video serves as evidence that there is more than one way to throw a political protest.