Victoria Caram of Tucumán Province will represent Argentina in the 2016 Miss Trans International Competition taking place in Barcelona tomorrow. The event will host thirty different countries in a series of swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Above all, the mission of the competition is to promote the end of discrimination against the trans community. For Caram though, she hopes to bring added exposure to help bring a stop to the trafficking of trans people from Latin America to Europe.

As reported by Clarín, Caram grew up in Tucumán province and studied International Relations. She describes herself as a “fervent Catholic” and even wrote a letter to the Pope expressing the discrimination that the trans community faces in Argentina. She, along with her friends, are committed to fighting for trans rights.

Tara Vells, the organizer of the event, says that the event “strives to give more visibility to the trans community and show that we are people just like everyone else.”

Caram says that she grew up in an incredibly “macho” household, with her father not accepting her until a “hundred conversations” were hatched out on the subject. But now her family is very much in support of her and her journey.

The winner of Miss trans International is scheduled to be announced tomorrow night. We know who we are rooting for.