Photo via Infobae

As a piece of much needed good news an Argentine taxi driver has done something that might restore your faith in humanity.

In the town of San Clemente del Tuyú, a retired woman inadvertently left a cool AR $10,000 in her taxi when she was on her way into town. The taxi driver Néstor Ávila discovered the money when he opened the door for another passenger. After an exhaustive search of the town, he managed to find the passenger at a supermarket cash register.

Ávila said that the thought of keeping the money had never crossed his mind, “she’s an older woman, and she needs it… The money would have been good to fix the car, but I prefer to sleep with a clear conscience. Always return things. God will return it twice over” said Ávila to local press.

This act of kindness followed another taxi-related return earlier this month. La Plata driver, Roberto Lopez found AR $28,000 in his taxi. The money was intended for a five-year old girl’s medical treatment at a children’s hospital. The young girl and her mother had travelled from Misiones for the treatment, with the money that had been donated by a local school to help cover her medical costs.

“When I arrived the woman gave me a hug, she was incredibly thankful… I have a son with a cyst on his lung. He was admitted for 41 days. Now he is recovering and at home, but I can understand how this lady feels” expressed Lopez.

Faith in humanity restored.