Head of the FpV Senate Caucus, Miguel Ángel Pichetto. Photo via Radio Mitre

Last night, the Senate approved the 15-PE-2016 bill, known as President Mauricio Macri’s “mega project” — a bucket load of proposals including a retirees’ pensions bill and a tax amnesty. The “mega project” was approved by 56 votes to 11 in a special session that lasted nine hours.

The proposals in 15-PE-2016 (mega project) include:

  • The agreement on a legislative framework to pay all the provinces according to the federal co-participation system (by which the State and the provinces divide the total tax revenue between the provinces and national entities). It also has to be ratified in each province’s legislature to become official. Read more: ‘Mega Project’: Federal Co-Participation Agreement Sent To Congress

The head of the FpV Senate caucus, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, stated that:

“Some aspects of the project may be questionable but [it] undoubtedly has the objective of [demonstrating] President Macri’s commitment to answering the 300,000 pending claims in good time and form with pensioners.”

All that’s left now for the bucket load of proposals to become law is Macri’s signature (which, given that he presented them, shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.)