Photo via Noticias y Protagonistas

Fishing trips, watching a football game. Camping in the woods. The list of stereotypical father-son bonding activities goes on. Organized crime doesn’t typically top that list and now we know why.

A father and his son from the gypsy community in Mar del Plata proved they were no match for a certain 71 year old man, and have been served up with a big old taste of their own medicine, after their failed scam landed them in jail.

The attempted fraudsters had been trying to conduct a virtual kidnapping. But chose the wrong pensioner to pick on. For those of you, myself included, who were not familiar with this delightful term before now, virtual kidnapping is when someone makes a phone call pretending to be a family member of the victim, claiming to have been kidnapped and asking money for ransom.

Being alarmed at the disappearance and hostage of your son is understandable, and many fall for the trick, offering up eye-watering sums of cash. But not this retiree…mainly because he didn’t have a son. Whoops.

The old man traded in the bingo cards and instead opted for a decoy bag packed with an aerosol, paper and white nylon rope and called the police. He threw the bag out the window for the con artists to pick up, but when they came a-calling, the police were ready waiting for them round the corner.

Moral of the story? Your conniving activities might just come back to bite you. Especially when crime fighting pensioners are around to save the day.