Drive safely folks, as 825 fines a day were dished out last month. Drunk driving took the spotlight, standing as the second most common traffic violation revealed the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV).

In the January police project, Operation Summer, vigilance wasn’t lacking with 5,140 checks being carried out. They stopped a total of 1,268,500 vehicles, issuing 25,620 fines. The checks took place across nine national routes including routes in the Buenos Aires and Neuquén provinces along with highways such as Córdoba-Rosario and Buenos Aires-La Plata.

Getting caught driving without proper id and documentation was the number one offense —making up twelve per cent of the cases. DUI’s accounted for eight percent of cases, tying it with the number of people cited for not having required maintenance checks (VTV) with various other violations following after. 

La Nación
La Nación

Another study found 21 drivers to be over the limit, after stopping 313 drivers at night time between Thursday 12th and Monday 15th. Also in Mar del Plata last week more than 142 vehicles were seized by police, along with 1,255 fines handed out with 25 licences being taken away.

“The maintenance of the controls and the prevention campaigns help increase road safety,” said official, Gustavo Zignago.

Drinking and driving is a punishable offense in Argentina

The national law has an alcohol limit of 0.5 grams per liter of blood for car drivers, 0.2 g/l for motorcyclists and completely forbids alcohol use for professional drivers. However some provinces like Cordoba and Salta have a zero tolerance policy.

In Buenos Aires, if breathalyzed and found to be over the limit fines can range between AR $4,000 and AR $40,000. For drivers who refuse a breathalyzer test these fines can range from AR$12,000 to AR$ 40,000.

A minister recently presented a ‘zero tolerance’ project to Congress in Buenos Aires.  “We hope that the law will be changed soon. We think it is important to fight so as not to have people dying from this…It’s necessary to prohibit the consumption of alcohol when driving, because alcohol kills” said Florencio Randazzo

If you have been hitting the fernet and are planning on driving you can use a Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) to help you decide. Although it is obviously recommended to completely avoid driving as in at least one out of every two traffic related deaths in the world, alcohol is present. Be careful out there!