Out of the objects confiscated in what was the largest trove of Nazi artifacts, a hat—of all things—has brought the police closer to verifying the antiques’ authenticity.

The event made it to international headlines earlier in the month. The most extensive collection of Nazi artifacts in Argentina was found on June 8th. Amongst the collection they found five hats, one of which was hiding a 1943 Nazi-era newspaper.


Within the hat, the police have found a single newspaper page dating back to December 10th, 1943. The ‘hidden gem’ has brought the police closer to defining whether the antiques are imitations or originals.

The Policía Federal Argentina (PFA) found the collection earlier this June inside a gallery in San Telmo. A total of 76 Nazi objects were found alongside the hat, including a bust of Adolf Hitler and Hitler’s personal magnifying glass.


The Gallery collector must show up in court to determine whether he is found guilty of violating article 3° of law 23.592, which regulates discriminatory acts.

The police are hoping the page can be held as evidence of the objects’ originality.