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So you might have heard the announcement that, come March 2016, the North American edition of Hugh Hefner’s magazine Playboy will no longer include those infamous xxx-rated photos in its glossy, brazen pages. But according to an article published by Infobae on Tuesday, our Argentine bunnies won’t take no for an answer and intend to keep on tripling those x’s and flaunting that silicon, “at least for now.”

Here’s what happened:

Last month, Cory Jones, editor at the 62-year-old magazine, paid a visit to the Playboy Mansion and had a quiet word with its founder — none other than dressing-gown-donning-albeit-slightly-greying Hugh Hefner.

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He explained that the explicit images had to be removed from the US “lad-mag,” suggesting that provocative poses be used instead of full nudes and that the content be re-geared towards the cartoons and short stories that once gave the publication a more reputable name.

No kidding, Playboy used to interview the likes of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jimmy Carter; publish short stories by Vladimir Nabokov, Ian Flemming, Saul Bellow and Haruki Murakami; and even gave rise to great cartoonists such as Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Cole, Eldon Dedini and Jules Feiffer.

Hefner agreed and CEO Scott Flanders spoke passionately to the New York Times about the troubles of profit-making in the nudist market, given that, at the click of a mouse, anyone, anywhere, can see whatever they want (seriously, even clown porn exists these days) for free.

The magazine’s readership has fallen from 5.6 million to 800,000 since 1975 and this is why editors and CEOs felt the need for a change.

Obviously not because we are living in a positively progressive world where women are finally making strides towards equality and away from being seen as sexualized objects.

Oh no, sir.

This new marketing ploy intended to keep the images of women but to replace conventional eroticism with a more modern and less porn-esque approach, in the hope of boosting readership and profits. (How else are they going to pay for those wooden panels in the mansion?)

The new Playboy edition is sure to look something like this. Photo via Pinterest
The new Playboy edition is sure to look something like this.
Photo via Pinterest

All the while, it was presumed that Southern American editions would follow the lead of its Northern sister.


Turns out, Hefner’s Argentine chicas couldn’t bare (intentional pun) the thought of covering themselves up and so, despite North America’s restructuring efforts, Vicky and co. will no be putting their clothes back on.

According to a written statement from Playboy:

“The 24 editions of Playboy that exist in other parts of the world are free to follow, or not follow, in the footsteps of the North Americans.”

The Argentine edition added that it is very much looking forward to its December edition which will contain photographs of Ayelén Paleo and an interview with journalist and current girlfriend of Jorge Rial, Agustina Kämpfer.