It’s Friday, and politics aside, a glass of wine is sounding like a pretty good idea right about now. If you’re reading this in Argentina, you are in luck. Argentine Malbec has once again been declared the best in the world in an international wine competition.

The Global Malbec Master Series 2016 , organized by the magazine, The Drink Business, evaluated wines from all over the world, including France, the U.S., Chile and many more. Out of the 110 medals given out, Argentina took not one, not two, but 78 medals home. Not only that, but Argentina was also honored in receiving three “Master” awards. Without a doubt, Argentina blew away its competitors.

Argentina managed to pull off “adopting this French grape, producing their own distinct expression and selling it once again to European,” said Jonathan Pedley, one of the judges of the competition.

The most prized winery were Doña Paula, Bodegas y Viñedos Pascual Toso y Trapiche. But other winners were Mendoza Vineyards, Marcelo Pelleriti Wines, Algodón Wine Estates, Casarena, among others.

Half of the winning wines were marked at more than USD 30 bottle. But price is nothing but a number when trying to find the perfect blend of wine, am I right? Alberto Arizu, president of the Wines of Argentina, stands by his wine and said Argentine wine has a prestigious reputation and that “those who look for it are willing to pay more than other varieties from other origins.”

Lucky for us there are more than a few more budget friendly options available right at your neighborhood wine shop.