Photo via Clarin

Officials of the Venezuelan government deported journalist Jorge Lanata from the Caribbean country this afternoon. Lanata had arrived with the intention of covering the Constitutional Assembly called by President Nicolás Maduro, set to take place on Sunday, for his show “Periodismo Para Todos.”

According to Clarín, Venezuelan migrations officials rejected both Lanata and his producer Martina Perdiguero’s entry to the country arguing they hadn’t been authorized by the Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information MINCI. His cameraman has reportedly been let in.

The journalist who broke the news, Univision Correspondent Elyangelica González, reported that Lanata is waiting to board the Copa airline plane which will go back to Panama, where the journalist had a layover after departing from Argentina. “He’s being guarded by airline security,” González reported.

The news has made rounds on social media and has already been picked up by several Argentine media outlets. Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie tweeted that he feels “great disgust” about Lanata being deported. He went on to say that Argentine Ambassador to Venezuela, Eduardo Porreti, is at the airport “monitoring the situation.”

The Maduro administration is set to hold a Constitutional Assembly to revise the country’s constitution on Sunday. On July 16,  7.2 million Venezuelans voted in a simulated referendum called by the MUD opposition coalition, with the sole goal of rejecting the Constitutional Assembly. Maduro has announced his intention of moving forwards with it anyway.