Argentine National Gendarmerie.

The Argentine government has created the Federal Database for Information on the Crime of Human Trafficking, according to Ministry of Security Resolution 787-E/2017 from the Ministry Security, signed by Minister Patricia Bullrich and published this morning in the Official Gazette.

The database will consist of “quantitative and qualitative information, according to systematic and uniform criteria provided by provincial police authorities and the Federal Argentine Police, Argentine Navy, National Gendarmerie and Airport Security Police, about any possible crime of human trafficking or related illicit activities.”

Today’s bulletin assured that the system “will contribute to a better understanding of the criminal phenomenon of human trafficking throughout the territory of the Republic, and permit appropriate political and judicial decisions regarding the above-mentioned offense.”

The new database will build from the Integrated System of Information on the Crime of Human Trafficking (SisTrata), which was created in 2011 to consolidate information from the four federal forces.

Read the Resolution in the Official Gazette