Photo via Diario Huarpe

A court from the Jujuy sentenced phone company Telecom for charging a user for three calls made to the Malvinas Islands as being international, and determined it has charge them as local ones. According to DyN agency, a lawyer from Jujuy made three calls from his house phone to the islands, but the bill charged them as international calls, even though Argentine law establishes that they belong to the province of Tierra del Fuego.

In his suit, the plaintiff claimed that he wanted to travel to the Malvinas, so he called the islands’ tourism office and got the phone numbers of two hotels in Puerto Argentino [which the islanders call Port Stanley]. In total, he made three calls. He argued that the company charging these calls as international caused him a “severe moral affectation, as an energetic reaction to what I consider a violation of Argentine law and the country’s sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.”

“The company’s behavior is opposed to what is established in the first clause of the Constitution, which ratifies the country’s legitimate and continued sovereignty over the Malvinas, Georgias del Sur and Sándwich del Sur islands, as well as its maritime and insular spaces,” the lawyer wrote in his allegation.

The sentence ordered to company to issue a new bill, “correcting the labeling of the calls in accordance to what is established in Argentine legislation,” the agency explains.